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Elite Mental Performance – The Sport Psych Podcast

The Sport Psych Show Podcast Wonderful interview with Dan Abrahams on ‘The Sport Psych Show’ It was particularly interesting because of Dan’s own experience in professional sport and insightful questions … There was a lot covered – from managing stress and pressure to communicate, empathy and resilience and considering the person – not the ‘player’ […]

A Personal Insight on the ‘Leave Your Mark’ Podcast

Leave Your Mark Podcast Here’s link to a Podcast I did recently with Scott Livingston It’s probably one of the more in-depth and personal interviews I’ve ever done and Scott has a unique style. https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/scott-livingston/leave-your-mark?refid=stpr Enjoy – I love Scott’s style – and he has many other great interviews to listen also!  

Lessons from a Legend – Ruud Van Nistelrooy

Learning from Van Nistelrooy Six Lessons from a Legend I was in Amsterdam last month presenting a Masterclass to soccer and cycling teams when a hand when up from the back of the room. “Do you think it’s best to be a coach who is very methodical or a skilled people person?” I knew my answer, […]

Go to the Source – Louie Simmons & Charlie Francis

Disciples Differ Leaders Agree The following is an extract from   ’59 Lessons – Working with the world’s Greatest Coaches, Athletes, & Special Forces’  Insights into what makes winners truly great. Get it now – HERE! The 55th Lesson Go to the source, not the disciples.   Exclusive extract from “59 Lessons: Working with the […]

Recommended Reading on Psychology

Three Books on Psychology One of the questions I get asked most frequently is about recommend reading …   Recommended Reading on Psychology If you’re interested in understanding psychology better here are three recommendations As I’ve said many times, I get asked about the best books I’ve read quite often. Again, in Europe I was […]

SIGN UP – Performance MasterGroup

Mentoring MasterGroup Performance Mentoring MasterGroup I was blown away by the response of opening only 2 places on the mentoring program. So I had to open another one If you’re interested just send me an email to info@fergusconnolly.com The Mastergroup is aimed at bringing like minded coaches, sports scientists, performance directors and strength coaches together […]