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Lessons from other sports for MLB

What MLB should learn from other Professional Sports The biggest mistake all Sports Science programs make Reverse Engineer Sports Science to win – Learn from CSI   Ironically, the most common error that most sports have made in sports science is the easiest to address and it’s something baseball can easily learn from. When the […]

The Right MLB Sports Science Program

WHY YOU DON’T WANT THE MLB’S ‘BEST’ SPORTS SCIENCE PROGRAM   Many years ago, I learned a valuable lesson while with a Tier 1 special operations commander. I used the word ’best’ once too often for his liking. The commander abruptly explained to me that they didn’t want the ‘best candidate’, they wanted the ‘right’ […]

What All Team Sports Have In Common

What All Team Sports Have In Common The Foundation of All Team Sports We all have played different team sports at some stage– but have you ever thought of what they all basically have in common? Take any live game – a local kids game, collegiate or professional. The first thing we need to condition […]

Solving Problems in Performance

The 5 Most Common Approaches To Solving Problems in Performance There is a very old military saying that “The plan never survives first contact with the enemy”. In other words, the plan is important but the ability to react, adapt and problem-solve is arguably more important. How good you are at problem-solving is critical, but […]

Death of a Strength Coach

Death of a Strength Coach It’s time for a change Over the past few months consulting and mentoring coaches across many sports one topic has come up repeatedly. It didn’t matter if it was MLB, NFL college or tactical, the same fundamental challenge remains – the role of the traditional Strength Coach doesn’t exist anymore. […]

Audit, Benchmark or Red-Team?

Audit, Benchmark or Red-Team? You don’t know what you don’t know “Reports that say that something hasn’t happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things […]

Sports Science doesn’t answer questions

Sports Science doesn’t answer questions. It allows you ask better questions. We all love to make predictions. It doesn’t matter if it’s sport “Warriors will win easily tonight, they’ve too much talent” or life “They’re a perfect couple, they’ll be married within the month”. Of course in business and sport we apply the same thought […]


All Team Sports Tactical Principles are based on 4 basic foundations. In my upcoming book “Game Changer” I explore tactical concepts—and they all start here: Location/Positioning Man Circulation/Movement Ball Circulation/ Movement Relationship, Timing/Sequencing These are the most important tactical understandings for team sports coaches. Next time you watch any children’s playground, NFL, Soccer or NBA […]

The 3 answers

People have asked me about the “3 answers” poster mentioned in Paul Kimmage’s (excellently) written article. Here’s the background story. Many years ago in the U.S. I was given a book as a gift by a coach I was pestering for information. I was a little more than 19 at the time. Many of the details […]

Don’t coach them better

Over the next few weeks I’d like share some of the principles and topics from my upcoming book GameChanger. It ‘might’ satisfy the emails I’m getting from people and teams looking for advance copies, especially now the NBA season is over (for most).  Some regard coaching as the process of getting an athlete to do something, […]