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All Team Sports Tactical Principles are based on 4 basic foundations. In my upcoming book “Game Changer” I explore tactical concepts—and they all start here: Location/Positioning Man Circulation/Movement Ball Circulation/ Movement Relationship, Timing/Sequencing These are the most important tactical understandings for team sports coaches. Next time you watch any children’s playground, NFL, Soccer or NBA […]

The 3 answers

People have asked me about the “3 answers” poster mentioned in Paul Kimmage’s (excellently) written article. Here’s the background story. Many years ago in the U.S. I was given a book as a gift by a coach I was pestering for information. I was a little more than 19 at the time. Many of the details […]

Don’t coach them better

Over the next few weeks I’d like share some of the principles and topics from my upcoming book GameChanger. It ‘might’ satisfy the emails I’m getting from people and teams looking for advance copies, especially now the NBA season is over (for most).  Some regard coaching as the process of getting an athlete to do something, […]

The Law of Space and Time

Continuing on the lessons from #GAMECHANGER… Space creates time, but time cannot always create space. The most important law in all sports, regardless of moment, context, or phase, is the law of space and time. Often you hear people refer to an athlete who seems to have more time on the ball, or a player who […]

The 3 MOST IMPORTANT questions

If you are involved in the high-performance world of modern sport today, 80 percent of your time is spent deciding what not to use, or investigating things you won’t use. Despite this, we all have access to multiple types of technology or measuring equipment and metrics. Over the past 7 years, many teams have gathered […]