‘I most enjoy being able to help people.’ : Inspirational Leader Series with Christian Bosse

‘I most enjoy being able to help people.’

“I realized that there is a perception of me of being very successful …

but when I reflect on the successes, every single one of them started from a failure.”

“I was so worried about looking after everyone else,
I wasn’t looking after myself’

I was honored to be asked to speak with Christian Bosse about high performance recently.

Christian studied sport science in Berlin (Germany), Madrid (Spain) and the prestigious Sport University of Cologne (Germany).

He has an impressive resume, having worked for the British Tennis Association LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) as the responsible strength and conditioning coach for the Junior Davis Cup Team, working with high-level tennis coaches such as Paul Annacone (former coach of Pete Sampras, Roger Federer, and Tim Henman) and Brad Gilbert (former coach of Andre Agassi, Andy Roddick and Andy Murray).
He has also worked for the Chinese, and Dutch National Olympic Committee as a strength and conditioning coach.

We discuss

Background in computer integration based optimization and what it means
How I got into Sports Science and became a performance expert
Darkest moment
Best moment
Advice to young aspiring performance experts
The role of artificial intelligence and technological disruption in the future of sports
Advice to a younger Fergus Connolly
Philosophy on supporting a team
Which person has influenced me most and why
How to deal with expectations you don’t agree with
How to manage expectations
A typical day in the life of a performance expert
Motivation to write books
How to How to implement performance support services
Interview nomination

Enjoy :


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