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Planning in Team Sport

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Programming in Team Sport
Learn how the best Teams Plan and Program for Sustained Winning!
The Differences of Team Sport Players
Team Sports players are the same – but different (!) than olympic athletes or powerlifters. So how do we develop them? How do we train game intelligence AND physical fitness? Learn how …

How do you Plan?
Unlike other sports Team Sports have regular games and need to continuously win each week – learning and developing – so what is the best approach for developing these players?

How do we develop Game Intelligence
Physical fitness is important, but arguably more important is developing Tactical and Technical (skill) abilities at the same time, not to mention the psychological ability to manage emotion and decision making – find out how!

Profiling the Person & Player
How do you prepare each person as a unique individual? How do you plan and strategize for every kind of person you have on your team? Find out how to profile, scout and develop every player for continuous development.

Recovery & Regeneration
Training is fine, but every coach knows the recovery and restoration of the players is critical to winning. How do we allow players recover and peak every week, yet still improve? Find out how to keep the fitness / freshness balance!

Team Sport Programming

Course Modules & Topics Covered
What you will learn …

Lesson I – The Basics of Team Sport Preparation – Principles and Concepts behind the Methodology

Lesson 2 – Day Types & Principles – Planning an Rationale

Lesson 3 – Drill & Game Variables – Manipulation for Effect & Experience

Lesson 4 – Designing Small Sided Games – The Decision Tree

Lesson 5 – Work:Rest Ratios for Drills & Games – How to Design for Energy Systems

Lesson 6 – Introduction to Weekly Planning – The Principles of the Morphocycle

Lesson 7 – Case Studies in Variations – Changing the Week for your Team

Lesson 8 – Planning Regeneration & Recovery – How to Plan for Fitness vs Freshness

Lesson 9 – Case Study – NFL & College Sport – Looking at an Annual Plan

Lesson 10 – Individualization in Team Sports – Reducing Limiting Factors in the Team Context



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