Recommended Reading on Culture

Three Books on Culture

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is about recommend reading …


Recommended Reading on Culture

If you’re interested in understanding culture better here are three recommendations

“The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups” by Daniel Coyle

Dan Coyle goes about this book in the same easy to read style as The Talent Code and it’s an enjoyable read. It gives you an insight into many of the key drivers behind culture in a wide range of organizations. You’ll see some very common themes emerge – especially for sustained success.

“Helping People Win at Work’ by Ken Blanchard and Garry Ridgeis a great read for understanding culture. Ken Blanchard is a leading expert organizational management the the author of ‘The One Minute Manager’ and Garry Ridge is CEO for the WD-40 Company. This is a great example of applied culture, with techniques for influencing engagement and commitment through culture.

“SwitchPoints: Culture Change on the Fast Track to Business Success’ by Judy Johnson and Les Dakens

SwitchPoints was recommended to me many years ago by Bernard Dunne a former World Champion boxer I worked with. This book focuses on the change of culture. Using the Canadian National Railway (CN) as the case study it explains how they went from ‘good to great” in a few short years–becoming North America’s top-performing railroad and a favorite with of corporate customers and investors.



Learning from a different domain has the effect of avoiding any preconceived bias you might have


Send me an email to info@fergusconnolly.comwith your top three.

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